4064 0 Virtual Greece Program Learn about Greece in a virtual philosophy course (PHI 269) and an optional INT 301 class while an on-the-ground tour guide shows you around the country. 05/24/2021 121 4072 0 Virtual Sweden INT 201 Course Interested in learning more about Sweden? Itching to explore even though travel hasn't fully opened back up yet? Join us for our Virtual Sweden Summer INT 201 course! 05/24/2021 137 3936 0 International House International Student Services and student housing are bringing back International House next year. International House will be a special apartment style housing option for domestic and international students. US students will be paired with international students as roommates to live together and learn about different cultures in the process. If you would like to learn more about other cultures outside the US and are possibly curious about travel abroad, this may be a great opportunity to find out first-hand what it is like to live in other countries by living with an international student. 624