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Benefits of Studying Abroad

Why Should Mercer Students Study Abroad? 

Mercer is a university that encourages students to participate in transformative learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Studying abroad is a wonderful way to take advantage of these life-changing experiences Mercer offers. With many of our students studying abroad, our office has developed well respected exchange, affiliate, and faculty-led programs. Mercer’s Study Abroad Office works to make these opportunities accessible, so that students of all socioeconomic backgrounds can go abroad. 

Why Study Abroad?
  • Become a Global Citizen
By studying abroad, you get to experience another culture in a deep and meaningful way. From living with a Spanish host family to visiting a temple with new friends in Thailand to sleeping on boats in the Galapagos, studying abroad provides opportunities to completely immerse yourself in a specific country. In our increasingly globalized world, it is important for students to seek out opportunities that allow them to grow into global citizens. Global citizens are able to foster understanding and empathy amongst people from all over the world.   
  • Experience Learning Outside of the Classroom
All students come to Mercer to attend classes and eventually graduate with a college degree. Many students discover, however, that their most important learning happens outside of the Mercer classroom. Studying abroad will allow you to take classes with students from all over the world and get global perspectives that may not be found in an American classroom. 
  • Grow Personally
Perhaps the most significant benefit of studying abroad is the personal growth that takes place in participants. Going to another country encourages students to become more independent and try new things. Your time abroad may not always be easy, but it will teach you how to be resilient and give you the ability to better face challenges when you come home. Studying abroad is an awesome way to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and grow into a more confident student and person. 
  •  Stand out with Prospective Employers 
If all these reasons were not enough, studying abroad guarantees you will stand out in the job market. A University of California study shows that 97% of study abroad students found employment within 12 months of graduation while only 49% of college graduates found employment in the same period. Study abroad experience shows employers that you are adaptable and interculturally competent.