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Health and Safety Abroad

Health and Safety Support Abroad

On Call International is your 24/7 health and safety abroad help desk!

Mercer University has partnered with On Call to provide you with access to immediate support should you experience any challenges when you are traveling. Mercer University wants to make sure you have a resource experienced in navigating you through any crisis and making sure you can continue your academic travels, or get home safely. 

What is the role of On Call International? On Call International provides worldwide quality medical, travel, and security assistance services 24 hours a day. We are here to provide information to help you prepare for international travel, as well as to respond to assist you with any crises, no matter how large or small, while you are away from home. Whether you need help finding an English-speaking doctor, securing personal medications, or encounter a natural disaster abroad, On Call is here to assist you. On Call also assists during critical emergencies like illness or injury that may result in an evacuation to a location that has adequate care, any threat to your safety due to a political or natural disaster event or even family related emergencies or assaults. But please remember, if your health or safety are ever in immediate danger, always call local responders first!

Before you depart…
  • Contact On Call if you have any pre-trip destination questions, we can help you prepare!
  • Enter On Call’s 24/7 Global Response Center phone number in your mobile phone or print and carry your membership card (given to you at orientation)
  • Leave a copy of your membership card, passport, any medication or eye prescriptions with an emergency contact
Call On Call collect from anywhere in the world: +1 603-952-2033 and call toll free from US or Canada 1-855-257-4622

You can make a collect call to On Call from anywhere in the world to reach a case coordinator who is ready to help you with your crisis, no matter how big or small. If you need to replace your contacts in Sydney, lose your passport in Lima, need to see a doctor in Madrid, or encounter a medical or security crisis anywhere in the world, contact On Call for assistance. 

Who to call in case of an emergency abroad...
  • If you are in a true emergency and need police or health services, always dial the country's equivalent to 911 for local response
  • Call On Call at +1 603-952-2033 (collect from anywhere in the world)
  • Contact Mercer campus police at +1 478-301-2911 (Mercer Police will then contact the OIP staff person on call)
All participants of Mercer University approved international travel must submit documentation of full Covid-19 vaccination before the travel departure date in order to receive funding or academic credit for the approved travel. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to