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Housing, Meal Plans & Health Insurance

J-1 Exchange Student Housing
All accepted incoming exchange students are guaranteed Mercer University housing. Housing assignments are made prior to your arrival by the International Student Advisor & Scholar Services Coordinator.  Every effort is made to place exchange students in upperclassman housing at Mercer University. The Office of International Programs assists with the placement of 10 international students and 10 American students to live in the International House. American students apply to live in this unique community because of their interest in other cultures and languages. The American students who are selected to live in the International House have shown their commitment to introducing new international students to Mercer University, the City of Macon, Georgia, the South, and American culture as a whole!
The International House is a Winship Apartment building.

J-1 Exchange Student Meal Plans
Exchange students under the age of 23 are required to have a university meal plan. Meal plans are mandatory based upon number of credits earned. It is highly important for Exchange Students to arrive at Mercer University with their most recent official sealed transcript. Auxiliary Services is responsible for assigning meal plans and authorizing adjustments based upon total academic credits earned.

J-1 Exchange Student Health Insurance
All Mercer University students are automatically enrolled in CORE student health insurance. J-1 Exchange Visitors must have health insurance coverage that meets U.S. Department of State regulations for the duration of their time in the United States. Exchange students can use the CORE student health insurance to meet this requirement at a cost of $836 per semester. If an Exchange Student wishes to search for another health insurance plan that meets J-1 Exchange Visitor requirements, please work with Nicole H. Baker. Every semester students who wish to use a different health insurance policy must petition to waive CORE student health insurance by a publicized date. Failure to waive the applied health insurance before the waiver end date will result in a $836 charge.  Health Insurance charges are subject to adjustment.